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Physical Education, Health and Athletics


Mental Health Awareness Month


The Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics oversees the K-12 Physical Education and Health instructional programs and is responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Interscholastic Athletic Programs. The East Meadow School District provides comprehensive experiences in all three discipline areas. The East Meadow student will participate in Physical Education and Health programs which follow the New York State Learning Standards and the Common Core Learning Standards.

In addition to the above disciplines, the Director is responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Health Services by registered nurses in the district's schools.

The administration collaborates with the faculty and staff to provide an experience which promotes positive character traits and effective decision making skills that empower our students to live active healthy lifestyles that promote a lifelong commitment to wellness.

"We know what the Greeks knew: that intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong, and that hardy spirits and tough minds usually inhabit sound bodies." ~John F. Kennedy -


Kristi Detor
Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
(516) 876-7426