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Project ACCESS (A Community Committed to Educating Students for Success) is a subcommittee of the PTA Curriculum Council which sponsors educational workshops for parents throughout the school year. The main goal is to provide parents with hands-on strategies that they can use to help their children achieve the highest level of academic success. ACCESS is a cooperative effort between the district administration, teachers and parents.

We, as parents, were our children's first teachers, and will continue to be the strongest influence in their education. Parental involvement is now more important than ever. Parents need to become familiar with the changes in curriculum and testing, so they can reinforce the skills being taught in school.

Members from the PTA Curriculum Committee meet over the summer to develop a series of curriculum related evening presentations/workshops for family members. The ACCESS workshops are conducted by East Meadow professional staff, with representation from each school involved. The workshops will:

  • Provide parents with specific in-depth understanding of the new standards and assessments in each area and how their children will be impacted;
  • Be hands-on and interactive;
  • Provide parents with activities or strategies they can use at home to improve student performance;
  • Encourage on-going collaboration and cooperation between home and school.