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Resources for Parents

Information Hotline: (516) 228-5232
This hotline provides up-to-date information regarding field trips, impact of weather on school activities, meetings of the Board of Education, and more. You must call from a touch-tone phone.  You may call the district’s information hotline at 228-5232, then choose the appropriate prompt.

Security Hotline: (516) 852-7414 or 852-7415
District residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity on school property to the school district's security patrol. All calls will be kept confidential.

Q & A For Parents on State Assessments
A new website, for parents, which answers the questions that parents commonly have about the State assessments and Regents exams. The Parent Website also features a series of fact sheets in printer-friendly format that are available to help school administrators, teachers, and other education leaders address the concerns parents have about the State assessments and Regents exams.