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Family / Parent Resources

Google Classroom Guide for Parents in Multiple Languages

Log-In Info for myON Books:
School Name - New York Reads
Username - read
Password - books


Family Code Week
All Families With K-5 Children at Home Are Invited to A Live Online Event
April 13-18, “Family Code Week”
A Week of Family Code Night “Home Editions”

A fun, free and loving learning experience for families at home.
An introduction to coding, together.
One hour, offered ten times, LIVE, April 13-18.

For more information, the schedule or to sign up, click here.

For more information on the Spanish Language Family Code Night, click here.

 Online Learning Academy (OLA)

OLA offers full online course instruction for students by a NYSED approved Teacher of Record (TOR). OLA meets all NYS online teaching regulations. Students work asynchronously but meet with teachers once per week through a live virtual session. Student progress is monitored and reported to the district. Please contact Elisa Maggi ( or Eileen Dwyer ( if you would like further information.

iTutor Virtual Tutoring
iTutor offers virtual face-to face sessions on a platform that includes a virtual whiteboard allows for personalized, one-to-one support. Tutoring is available in multiple languages and sessions can be recorded for review. iTutor works directly with parents to schedule session times and reports student sessions and progress to the school district through a district-based dashboard. Please contact Elisa Maggi ( or Eileen Dwyer ( if you would like further information.